This year’s Moegyo Burmese Food Fair in Queens falls on Sunday, June 3, DaveCook reports, and eager fans of the cuisine can already taste the tea leaf salad. With Burmese restaurants a rarity around town, this annual event (as well as a summer food bazaar in Briarwood, Queens) gives New Yorkers a hard-to-find taste of Burma. “Truly wonderful, amazing food,” says round2, “and a very welcoming, enjoyable crowd.”

Standout dishes at last year’s Moegyo fair included the above-mentioned salad, made with fermented tea leaves, nuts, legumes, and fried garlic, and an eastern Burmese Shan-style rice salad with fish and vegetables. Both are on this year’s menu, which promises some 15 appetizers and almost as many main dishes and desserts. Veterans of past fairs should note that this one will take place not at the previous venue in Woodside but in Long Island City. It’ll be open from noon to 4 p.m., but the best stuff often sells out fast, so go early.

Moegyo Burmese Food Fair [Long Island City]
At Aviation High School, 45-30 36th Street (enter on 35th Street near Queens Boulevard), Long Island City, Queens
No phone available

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