It’s tough to get a croissant right. Or so you’d assume, seeing how many bakeries get it wrong, asking you to fork over $2 for tasteless dough and a lifeless texture that conveys all the charm of an unwashed sweat sock.

hyperbowler says that Sandbox Bakery in Bernal Heights gets it right. “The quality of the baked goods is always stellar,” hyperbowler says. The pain au chocolat succeeds by nailing the balance between flakiness and chewiness, and the finished product is remarkably consistent.

The savory curry bun and sweet banana–chocolate heart bun are also must-haves at Sandbox, though hyperbowler warns that experimental flavor combinations don’t always succeed. “My experience has been that if it sounds weird, it’s probably not that great,” hyperbowler advises.

Sandbox Bakery [Bernal Heights]
833 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

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