Cora Jean’s Old Skool Cafe in the Bayview is a restaurant with a mission: to provide job opportunities to at-risk youth. At Old Skool, young paid apprentices work in every aspect of the business, learning skills that open doors to careers.

As for the menu, it’s a mishmash of favorites from near and far, including red snapper ceviche, spicy collard greens, and the charmingly named “Someone’s Grandmama’s Fried Chicken Wings.”

Thomas Nash visited recently and recommends Abu’s West African Peanut Butter Stew, a coconut milk and chicken concoction developed by a young café worker from Sierra Leone. Another winner is cheesy grits loaded with plump, spicy shrimp, and the sweet potato pie is great. The small-plates menu prices most dishes at $10 or less, which encourages diners to sample widely while allowing them to not run up a bill as rich as the food.

Cora Jean’s Old Skool Cafe [Bayview]
1429 Mendell Street, San Francisco

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