Wonton skins can be used for far more than wrapping savory dumplings. They work well as an easy stand-in for fresh pasta when making ravioli, but they can also be used to create fun appetizers, snacks, and desserts. “Wrap them around anything that strikes your fancy and deep-fry it,” recommends Joebob. Nutella is a great sweet filling, says jcattles, “but you have to let it cool a bit or you’ll burn the crap out of your mouth!”

Make wonton cups by pressing the skins into the wells of a mini muffin pan, spraying with oil, and baking until crisp, cheesecake17 suggests. Fill the cups for appetizers, or use them to scoop salsa or dips. Cut fresh wonton skins into triangles and then bake or fry them for good, crisp snack chips; turn them into a sweet nosh by tossing the fried/baked skins in cinnamon sugar. Cut in strips and then fried, the skins make a nice alternative to croutons in salads, iluvcookies says.

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