Slices of jarred pickled jalapeños are a standard topping for nachos and a popular garnish for chili, but hounds incorporate them anywhere they want a good hit of spice. The peppers are a popular addition to cornbread, and thymetobake adds them to black-eyed peas during the last half hour of cooking. Battered and deep-fried, they are “tremendous,” CDouglas says. You can also slice whole pickled jalapeños in half and stuff them with a favorite filling, as in these tuna boats (pictured).

The brine from the jalapeño jar is a secret ingredient for marinating beef for carne asada, says Louise. rockycat mixes it with lime juice and garlic to marinate skirt steak. Pour the brine over peeled hard-boiled eggs and refrigerate for a few weeks to make wonderfully spicy pickled eggs, recommends mikkel250.

Want to pickle your own jalapeños? Try CHOW’s recipe.

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Photograph of Pickled Jalapeño Tuna Boat by Chris Rochelle /

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