Sometimes raw ground beef is a healthy-looking red color on the outside, but inside it’s more of a brown color. This is perfectly normal and exactly what it should look like, says Uncle Bob. (And Ray Venezia of Fairway Market in New York seconds what Uncle Bob says; check out Ray’s CHOW Tip video on how to choose ground meat.) Meat “blooms” (that is, it turns red) when the myoglobin in it comes into contact with oxygen, Uncle Bob says. Break up the hunk of ground beef, and the inside will turn red, too. “You’ll also see this with other pieces of meat, like steaks,” says tommy. “If two steaks are lying on top of each other (well, that’s physically impossible, but you know what I mean), you might notice that they are brown where they are coming in contact with each other.”

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Ground beef image from Shutterstock

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