Day of the Dead is coming up, and La Flor de Yucatan is taking special orders on mucbil pollos, the traditional food of the Mayan Day of the Dead, says Dommy. These are big, flat tamal cakes filled which chicken and pork and baked pibil-style. It’s a fabulous way to have a tamal!

Flor makes the most authentic Yucatecan tamales around, including an amazing banana leaf tamal and the tamal colado, made with strained masa–it’s sort of like a cross between corn dough and jello. It’s made with a slice of tomato and a chaya leaf on top, so it has an herby, tomatoey flavor similar to brazo de reina, a Yucatecan specialty.

Chichen Itza is the only place in town that has brazo de reina (arm of the queen) on its regular menu. What is this? It’s an extra-long tamal that has chopped chaya leaf in its dough, and is stuffed with hard-boiled egg and toasted calabaza seeds.

Unfortunately, says Dommy, it’s not the greatest version–it tastes mostly of masa rather than the chaya or calabaza seeds. And Chichen’s tomato sauce, which should cover the tamal, tends to be pretty weak. Still, it’s a pretty good representation of this regional specialty.

La Flor De Yucatan Bakery [Downtown]
1800 S. Hoover St., Washington, Los Angeles

Chichen Itza [South LA]
in Mercado La Paloma
3655 S. Grand Ave. # C6, Los Angeles

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