Now that it’s soft-shell crab season, Locke-Ober‘s seasonal special of crab meunière is back on the menu. There’s a new chef in the kitchen, however, and ScotchandSirloin reports that the dish is not what it once was:

“The good news is that I made it over to Locke-Ober for my first soft-shell of the season. The terrible news is that the soft shell crabs à la meunière that I have loved forever as one of the greatest dishes in Boston appear to be no more. While the menu boasts soft shell crabs à la meunière, the buttery sauteed beauties of years past arrived with a tempura-like breading that covered up any hint of à la meunièrey goodness with your generic deep fried crunchiness that can be found at any number of restaurants in any city. On the bright side, the crabs were huge, but I don’t think I’ll be going back for my many May and June excursions to Locke-Ober given that my favorite dish is no more.”

Locke-Ober [Downtown Crossing]
3 Winter Place, Boston

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