Kiriko is serving some excellent sushi omakase, says PeterCC. Surprisingly, the sushi sits on warm rice. A serving of chutoro “didn’t so much melt in my mouth, as it just instantly incorporated itself into the rice,” he says. “The combination of the warmth and tang of the rice with the coolness and, uh, toro-ness of the chutoro, was sublime.” Tai nigiri, which has a refreshing lemon salt topping, is just as amazing.

“I have to say Tomo-san did a fantastic job,” PeterCC says, referring to Kiriko’s sushi chef. Even while Tomo-san was cranking out platter after platter for the lunch rush, “he somehow simultaneously made me feel like I had his attention the whole time, carefully preparing my individual pieces.”

Kiriko [Westside-Inland]
11301 West Olympic Boulevard #102, Los Angeles

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Photograph of aji and bonito nigiri by PeterCC

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