For a long time, many Chowhounds thought Los Angeles had only two truly great dim sum joints: Elite and Sea Harbour. But with the addition of King Hua, Los Angeles now has a “triumvirate of solid dim sum,” says J.L. liu thinks King Hua might actually be the best: “We went to Elite for dim sum this past weekend, and the entire time I was wishing I were back at King Hua. I think their sticky rice, their shrimp dishes, and their BBQ Pork Honey Buns are calling me back…immediately!”

Elite [San Gabriel Valley]
700 South Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park

Sea Harbour [San Gabriel Valley]
3939 Rosemead Boulevard, Rosemead

King Hua [San Gabriel Valley]
2000 West Main Street, Alhambra

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Photograph of shrimp dumplings by J.L.

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