Being Filipino, pleasurepalate is super picky when it comes to Filipino food. Magic Wok came close to her mom’s high standard of cooking, but Alejandro’s has blown that right out of the water.

Spicy goat stew features tender meat that’s not a bit gamey, perked up by olives. Shrimp hipon comes in a creamy coconut sauce that’s good enough to eat by itself. For hard-core lovers of fried pork, the crispy pata–crunchy golden skin with moist meat underneath–will not disappoint.

There’s a variety of unusual smoothies, like pandan and green mango (with a hint of tartness and maybe some pistachio) and yellow corn milkshake (oddly likable).

For dessert, go for suman–sweetened rice wrapped in banana leaves, topped with fried coconut and a piece of flan.

Alejandro’s [Eagle Rock]
4126 Verdugo Rd., York, Los Angeles

Magic Wok Enterprises [Artesia-ish]
11869 Artesia Blvd., Artesia

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