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"Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. As a lifelong Marylander I never really understood all the fuss. I'd have the occasional crabcake, but generally I'd prefer a good burger to sitting around picking crabs. Until one afternoon at a friend of a friend's place. They had caught the crabs themselves, and prepared them almost immediately out of the water. They were incredible, but have even further driven me from any other crab picking experience in any less than optimal environment." - laststandchili

"The filet never has bones, catfish doesn't have nasty scales, and the meat is sweet and never fishy. It is a winner for people who don't much like fish. I fix it oven-fried—give it a squirt of PAM and roll it in bread crumbs then bake it at 425 degrees so that the outside gets crunchy. Because it's so sweet it goes well with a tangy sauce so I either make a sweet-and-sour pineapple sauce (onion, green pepper, a can of crushed pineapple, vinegar, sugar, thicken with cornstarch and serve the fish with rice) or a fresh salsa and have the catfish Cuban-style with black beans and rice." - Querencia

"I know of no USDA approved processing centers for poopy (yes, that is actually what donkey meat is technically called!). If you are traveling I should point out however that Venice is far from the only place that serves it. Saucisson d'Ane is a specialty of the French town of Arles (and horse sausage is common throughout the Camargue area). Actually you may have already tasted it. I remember reading that it is pretty common to add horse and donkey to the pork in many European dry sausages, common enough [that] the USDA was working on a way to be able to DNA test sausage meat to determine what animals were present." - jumpingmonk

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