The red chile beef tamales from La Indiana Tamales are “damn good,” PaulF says, noting spice that’s not overwhelming and great corn taste in the masa. “I really like the texture of the meat in these tamales,” he says. “It’s so soft, it’s almost creamy, softer than my mother’s brisket.” Be warned, the tamales are greasy. Your fingers will turn orange as you peel away the corn husks!

A5 KOBE likes the tamales from La Indiana, but prefers the ones from La Moderna Bakery in Whittier and La Mascota Bakery, in that order. And JAB likes Los Cincos Puntos for tamales, but notes that for hounds in Orange County, La Indiana’s tamales are available at Berkeley Dog.

La Indiana Tamales [East LA]
1142 S. Indiana Street, Los Angeles

La Moderna Bakery [East LA]
8035 1/2 S. Norwalk Boulevard, Whittier

La Mascota Bakery [East LA]
2715 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles

Los Cincos Puntos [East LA]
3300 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles

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