The “Our Way” burger at The Gallows in the South End comes with American cheese, grilled onions, iceberg lettuce, and homemade pickles. Mike5966 thinks it’s the best in town, thanks to five distinct layers of crunch:

Layer 1: Crispy, butter-griddled under-surface of the top bun
Layer 2: Top surface of the well-caramelized patty
Layer 3: Bottom surface of the patty
Layer 4: Some additional vegetal element; I prefer tiny chopped raw onions
Layer 5: Top surface of bottom bun

“When attention and care are taken to develop a maximum amount of savory, crispy, caramelization in four of the five non-vegetal layers, and then you add to that the extra bite from the onion and/or pickle or whatever else you like to give the fifth, a burger can truly reach new heights. Throw in a gooey cheese (my favorite is American) to bring things together, and you have a burger where every bite feels like a masterpiece onslaught of burger textures.”

The Gallows [South End]
1395 Washington Street, Boston

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