The calamari fritti at LoCoco’s is about the best Melanie Wong has ever had. They’re battered very lightly, so the chunks don’t cling together in the fryer–each piece remains separate. The frying is commendable; the squid turns out very tender in texture, with open rings, and nicely crispy tentacles. LoCoco’s uses excellent quality oil to fry the calamari, which gives everything a buttery note of olive oil. The salting is spot on, too.

The cocktail sauce has a good slug of horseradish in it, but these squid are so vibrant and delicious, you probably want to eat them alone or with just a bit of lemon juice. $9.95 gets you a huge portion, enough for an appetizer for two or three people.

LoCoco’s Cucina Rustica [Sonoma County]
117 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa

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Calamari Fritti at LoCoco’s in Santa Rosa

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