Is the quality of the food at Ethiopian restaurants inversely related to how quickly the dishes arrive at the table? That’s the formula posited by Joel, who shuns the whirlwind turnaround of prefab food at some restaurants in favor of the attentive service and unrushed pace at Ahadu on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.

Joel usually orders a small plate of cold lentils and injera as starters, knowing it will take the kitchen a while to prepare his group’s order. After three visits, he’s already selected his mainstay: dulet, an entrée of chopped lamb, lamb tripe, and lamb liver cooked in spiced butter. Like all meat dishes here, it comes with a tomato salad and stewed collard greens.

If you’re not a fan of heat, beware. Joel warns that a fellow diner who specified medium spiciness found the dish too hot for her taste. The kitchen readily replaced it with a milder version.

Ahadu Restaurant [East Bay]
6430 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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