If you’ve spent any time in Central Texas, chances are you’ve eaten kolaches, the puffy pastries with roots in Central Europe. Kolaches began as wedding sweets with fruit or poppy seed fillings, but nowadays you’re likely to see savory varieties as well.

VaderSS spotted kolaches at a Valero gas station in Benicia and reports that all corporate-owned Valero stations with bakeries sell savory kolaches with meat or cheese fillings.

The Valero kolaches are pretty good—they seem to be baked fresh every morning, says VaderSS, who compares the bread to slightly sweet Hawaiian rolls, with a salty, buttery crust. After sampling a few, VaderSS liked the jalapeño sausage and cheese flavor best, followed by the regular sausage. The bacon kolaches lack flavor.

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Photograph by VaderSS

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