Modernist-cuisine chef Heston Blumenthal has an unusual technique for making brown chicken stock. A brown stock starts with roasted bones for deeper color and flavor; Blumenthal adds powdered milk to the bones to promote browning. Though Blumenthal uses a pressure cooker, RelishPDX says that both simmering on the stove and cooking for 18 hours in a slow cooker “produced a dark, flavorful stock.” RelishPDX has also made beef and duck stocks this way with great results, and says that “one of the greatest benefits of using the milk powder to assist with browning is that with this method there’s not a single bit of scum to skim off the surface.”

RelishPDX also used Blumenthal’s approach to preparing consommé by straining frozen stock through cheesecloth as it melts, thereby achieving a perfectly clear result without the traditional egg white raft. The one drawback to doing it this way, notes wattacetti, is that you may lose up to half the volume of your stock in the gelatin that stays behind in the cheesecloth.

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