Last year’s discussion of Boston’s best bagels included two local favorites, but a recent thread on the Boston board has generated a larger list. So, who’s making the best bagels in the Boston Area? Will the battle between Katz’s in Chelsea and Rosenfeld in Newton be as hard-fought as the Santarpio’s vs. Regina pizza debate?

Katz’s Bagel Bakery, Chelsea: “You have to put up with a little ‘atmosphere,’ but the bagels are great, especially when fresh.” – weg

Rosenfeld Bagels, Newton: “This is about as good as it gets around these parts.” – hyde

Iggy’s Bread, Cambridge: “Iggy’s bagels are very much loved in my household and I always use them when I serve brunch.” – galka

Kupel’s Bakery, Brookline: “While not as good as Rosenfeld’s, Kupel’s in Brookline are still decent enough.” – Science Chick

Bagel Rising, Allston: “The original question asked for ‘downtown,’ so these might be the best option in that sense.” – TroyOLeary

Have another favorite? Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts.

Katz Bagel Bakery [North Shore]
139 Park Street, Chelsea

Rosenfeld Bagels [Newton]
1280 Centre Street, Newton

Iggy’s Bread of the World [North Cambridge]
130 Fawcett Street, Cambridge

Kupel’s Bakery [Brookline]
421 Harvard Street, Brookline

Bagel Rising [Allston] — CLOSED
1243 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

This list was updated on December 14, 2017 to note a closure and update some links.

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