If you’ve never had a fresh, raw sea scallop with its roe still intact, David11238 seriously advises you to change that. Not to be dramatic, but it’s “heaven served on Neptune’s plate,” he says. “Except for the digestive sac (the black gunk) which I threw out, the scallop has all of these tastes going on: crunchy & briny eyes, creamy & mild muscle/abductor and the best part, IMO, if you’re lucky enough to get it, the roe,” David11238 says. The roe “tastes like an egg yolk that’s been plucked from the sea. And I’m understating this description.” hotoynoodle agrees that raw scallops are amazing—adding a sigh for the fact that it’s extremely rare to find one with the roe intact.

David11238’s source for scallops is Blue Moon Fish of Long Island; escondido123 used to get them from friends or from a local clammer while living in Providence. Unfortunately, those who live far from the coast may just have to dream.

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Image source: Raw scallop in shell from Shutterstock

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