This month’s edition of Food and Wine contains a mostly workaday roundup feature about the latest shiny and/or transparent and/or curvy kitchen fixtures. But one of the featured range tops is wicked cool.

Admittedly, this sort of defies conventional wisdom, which tends to reserve the term “wicked cool” for racecars, Red Sox players, rock stars and automatic machine guns.

But this particular range from the Santambrogio Milano Simplicity line is simply mesmerizing. Its three stainless steel burners float majestically on a small glass counter. The counter itself is mounted, in turn, on another larger glass counter. According to Food and Wine, both are made from “the same sturdy type of glass that’s in the Louvre’s famous pyramid.”

The whole assemblage looks like something you’d find in the living room of Rem Koolhaas, slightly to the left of a $24,000 Finnish easy chair.

You can view a somewhat less majestic version of the Coolest Range Ever by clicking the sixth tiny box in the “Today’s Products” section of the Santambrogio Milano website.

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