The suspect: a French cheese purchased at Bi-Rite Market.

Last seen: at a dinner party, where the hostess couldn’t recall the cheese’s name.

Distinguishing characteristics: a cheddarlike flavor and large salt crystals on the rind.

chocolatetartguy tried the cheese and wants to track it down, so he put out an all-points bulletin to the board: What could it be? grayelf suggests Mimolette, an orange Edam-like cheese with a pocked gray crust, which is the work of cheese mites that burrow into the milky surface and leave a cratered moonlike exterior after they’ve departed this mortal coil. If you’re not easily put off by the idea of bugs snacking on your cheese, check out this 100-times-magnification video of a mite going to town on Mimolette.

The OP says that Mimolette is not the cheese in question; the one he tried was sharper and white, with definite salt crystals in the rind and the cheese, and a creamy, slightly crumbly texture.

If you can identify the suspect, report to the thread linked below.

Bi-Rite Market [Mission District]
3639 18th Street, San Francisco

Discuss: French? Cheddar? cheese at Bi-Rite

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