There are plenty of tacos to be found around the Bay, but a new contender in Berkeley offers “extremely (as in extremely) tasty” shrimp tacos, organic meats, and more variety than your average taqueria.

The restaurant is La Mission in Berkeley, and it was rccola who loved the shrimp taco with freshly chopped cilantro, tomato, onion, and pepper on two corn tortillas. He also liked the price (only $4.99 for lunch) but thought the atmosphere a bit cold. majordanby points out that the menu is broader than at most taco shops, with Acme bread for their sandwiches and posole, but also higher prices because of the organic meat.

ernie in berkeley admits to being a big fan of the carnitas, while wolfe recommends the supersized chicken with guajillo mole burrito, which includes pickled onions. NativeCalGal stands out as a dissenter: She says the portions are big, but not flavorful enough. Sounds like she’ll keep other taquerias on her speed dial.

La Mission Mexican Grill [East Bay]
1255 University Avenue, Berkeley

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