Dunkin’ Donuts Bavarian Kreme doughnuts have been in the limelight recently on the Chowhound Boston board. They’re custard-filled powdered-sugar doughnuts, but unlike their ubiquitous chocolate-frosted counterparts, they can be hard to find. “The Boston Kreme has its merits, but some of us prefer our Bavarian cream without the waxy frosting on one side,” Stepovich says. Initially worried that the Bavarian Kremes had been discontinued, Stepovich will be relieved to know that they have been spotted this month in Boston, Cambridge, Newton, and Wakefield.

As an alternative to Dunkin’ Donuts, MeffaBabe recommends the Bavarian cream doughnuts at Market Basket. “Huge puffy airy doughnuts and the Bavarian cream is to die for,” MeffaBabe says. “79 cents each but worth each luscious bite.” Not every Market Basket has an in-house bakery, but the Chelsea and Burlington locations both do, says bear.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Multiple locations

Market Basket [North Shore]
160 Everett Avenue, Chelsea

Market Basket [MetroWest]
26 Middlesex Avenue, Burlington

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