Chowhounds say virgin coconut oil is great for baking because it’s solid at room temperature, making it a good nondairy substitute for butter and hydrogenated shortenings. But it’s also an excellent fat for cooking, they say. While some find it fairly neutral, others say it imparts a subtle coconut flavor, something to consider when choosing how you use it. “You don’t want to add a hint of coconut flavor to Italian sausage and peppers, but it would be fine with sauteed seafood, chicken, or pork,” greygarious says. It’s the traditional oil for a lot of South Indian cuisine, and also works well with Thai flavors.

weezieduzzit loves vegetables sautéed in coconut oil, and also uses it for chicken and fish. Popcorn popped in it is “divine,” says jibberjabberwocky, who explains that coconut oil is behind the enticing smell of the movie theater variety.

magiesmom cooks French toast in coconut oil for a nice crust and complementary flavor. And biggreenmatt says, “When I make fried PB&J sammiches (a.k.a: The Elvis Special), I bust out the coconut oil. Tremendously good!”

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