CHOW’s discussion boards have always been a refuge for people who are particular about the food they eat. As of this week, that extends to eaters of the vegetarian and vegan persuasion, as well as those on special diets like gluten- and lactose-free.

Our newly launched Chowhound Vegetarian & Vegan board is a place where you’ll find (and can share) vegetarian and vegan recipes, tips on Chowhounds’ favorite meat- and animal-free products, and other valuable resources for anyone interested in exploring the culinary potential of vegetables, fruits, grains, and non-animal proteins. On the Chowhound Special Diets board, you’ll find tips and recipes for gluten-free eating, avoiding nuts and lactose, those with food allergies, and serious low-carb diets like paleo.

For existing Chowhounds, the CHOW family just got a little bigger. And for all the new Chowhounds these boards will foster, welcome to the savviest, most food-focused community of eaters on the Web!

Vegan lasagna photo by Christopher Rochelle /

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