Azorean Restaurant, located in the center of Gloucester, has a large menu that includes Portuguese tapas, seafood specialties, and several types of cataplana (a dish named for the copper pan in which it’s cooked). The restaurant claims to bring the “distinctive cuisine and warm ambiance” of the Azores to Cape Ann, but itaunas says that despite the name, the food is “pretty pan-Portugal.” This isn’t a problem for galleygirl though, who thinks the food and atmosphere are top-notch.

The fresh sardines are wonderful, says galleygirl, who dined here recently with her mother. “Galleymom” ordered the dinner portion of sardines, even though it was lunchtime, and had no problem “peeling off the fillets like a pro and popping the grilled heads into her mouth.”

galleygirl tried the irresistible grilled octopus, which was “fabulously garlicky and herby, with a nice charred finish and glug of EVOO.” Both this dish and the sardines are normally served with batatas ao murro (Portuguese “punched” potatoes), though Galleymom was able to substitute rice.

Azorean Restaurant and Bar [North Shore]
133 Washington Street, Gloucester

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