Local flavors can lead to deep-seated preferences. For one hound who lived in Europe for more than a decade, cured Spanish meats made a taste impression that products from Mexican and Latin shops can’t satisfy. SuzyOmnivore’s dilemma has turned into a quest to find the best Spanish-style meat shops around.

The Spanish Table on San Pablo in Berkeley sells a wide array of foods from Spain according to charliemyboy, who hasn’t tried the chorizo there but likes the blood sausage.

Melanie Wong identifies a number of options, including La Catalana in San Jose, which sells packaged foodstuffs in addition to functioning as a restaurant and wine bar, and Hot Paella in Pleasanton.

wally thinks that Fatted Calf makes a decent Spanish-style chorizo that has a taste resembling Palacios brand, which is mentioned by a few admirers.

The Spanish Table [East Bay]
1814 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

La Catalana [South Bay]
3720 North First Street, San Jose

Hot Paella [East Bay]
530 Boulder Court, Pleasanton

Fatted Calf Charcuterie [Hayes Valley]
320 Fell Street, San Francisco

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