Sorellina is a Chowhound favorite for high-end Italian food. The ravioli is always a standout, and there’s a killer mushroom soup on the menu during autumn, but what other dishes are worth ordering?

The maccheroncelli with Kobe beef meatballs is a must order for purple bot, who warns that it’s a very rich dish. AaronInBoston always gets the “outstanding” tuna tartare, which is the best he’s ever tried. Gordough agrees on both counts: “My go to meal at Sorellina is the tuna to start, followed by a full sized portion of the maccheroncelli. Yum!”

AaronInBoston also thinks Sorellina is a great place to order steak. The filet mignon is “an amazing cut of beef,” AaronInBoston says. “[It’s] going to be smaller than other meat dishes, coming in at only 8 ounces with a small portion of mashed potatoes.”

Hounds agree that Sorellina is a special place. “I love the service here,” AaronInBoston says. “When they are less busy, you almost feel like a king.”

Sorellina [Back Bay]
1 Huntington Avenue, Boston

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