In his quest to find the South End’s best gyro, Mike5966 has discovered that the version at Billy’s Sub Shop is a strong contender. Billy’s is a small greasy spoon diner that’s only open for breakfast and lunch, and while the burgers are to be avoided, the gyro is great.

Billy’s gyro is served on “very hot, fluffy, yeasty pita” and contains “pre-processed gyro meat” that is cut thick and nicely charred. Mike5966 liked the addition of fresh veggies, but thought there was too much tangy tzatziki. Spike, however, likes the extra tzatziki: “Sometimes I wish they’d put more on,” he says.

cdoobiest agrees that Billy’s gyro is the best in the area, and prefers it over nearby South End Pita. “Billy’s buys that pre-made minced lamb/beef gyro product, but it’s not terrible, and actually pretty tasty in pita,” MC Slim JB says. “They’ll serve a few slices of it with your breakfast eggs instead of bacon or sausage if you ask.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Mike5966’s South End gyro roundup in the full Chowhound thread.

Billy’s Sub Shop [South End]
57 Berkeley Street, Boston

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