“I was browsing the beverage aisle at the Asian market and felt overwhelmed,” says madridista. Between the five kinds of coconut juice and three kinds of mango juice, not to mention soursop, lychee, and tamarind, madridista doesn’t know where to begin. Which beverages should thirsty hounds try first?

juster‘s favorite is grass jelly drink, with a mild flavor that’s not too sweet but hard to describe. You’ll find little cubes of jelly at the bottom, a bit like the tapioca balls in bubble tea. JungMann especially liked soursop (also known as guyabano or guanábana) juice as a kid: “very sweet with a sour apple kick.” Now, as a grown-up, JungMann likes Japanese soft drinks, like the mildly acidic and slightly yogurt-like Calpico brand.

Steve‘s latest addiction is a Korean beverage called New Rice Juice, which is sold in tall plastic bottles. It’s milky, slightly sweet, and unbelievably delicious, he says. He also likes white gourd drinks, which “taste like liquid cotton candy” and are “very nice with banh mi.”

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