There’s a handwritten sign in the window that says “Still Thai Food,” but this Thai place has clearly been bought by Russians–with awesome results, says mcchowhound. In addition to the Thai stuff, the menu offers “Russian favorites,” and also suspiciously un-Italian sounding “Italian favorites”, like smoked salmon and avocado panini. Says mcchowhound, “A general rule of the universe is that if life offers you pelmenyi in a Thai restaurant, you ought to take it.” And, as it turns out, the pelmenyi are terrific–a bowl of perfect little dumplings with fresh dill and a side dish of sour cream, all for $5.95. It’s a lot of pelmenyi for one person, so go with a friend and try something else, too–borscht, vareniki of various kinds, or maybe the caviar blintzes for $7.95. You probably want to stick to the Russian stuff, but who knows? The “French favorites” and “Greek favorites” that they also offer might be great, too.

7 Pleasures [Financial District]
formerly Banana Best
554 Commercial Street, San Francisco

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Russian Thai in the Financial District

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