Inka Deli is a one-man operation squeezed into a single space with another restaurant (El Agave), but that man (Ernesto) is “a wok athlete,” says bulavinaka. “I don’t know the Peruvian term for wok hei, but he knows how to achieve this. Ernesto credits the flavor to technique and a blessing from The Almighty (he said he asks for a blessing with each dish he prepares).” Wok dishes such as lomo saltado (stir-fried potatoes, beef, and vegetables) and chaufa (fried rice) are very good, and the ceviche is “picante, very fresh and acidic with a fair dosing of lime, garnished with yam and corn,” bulavinaka says.

Whole roasted rotisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa) is perfectly roasted. “It’s not wood-fired but the flavors and moistness were spot on otherwise,” bulavinaka says. The whole chicken meal comes with a platter of french fries and a platter of unexpectedly good salad, featuring arugula. nosh likes the chicken skewers: “nicely done with a flavorful bit of crust from the char, a nice portion.”

BrewNChow likes the rotisserie chicken as well, and cautions that since the place has no signage, it might be hard to find. “Just go into El Agave and you’re there,” BrewNChow says. Feed_me recommends calling ahead with your order, recognizing the limits of a one-man show.

Inka Deli [Westside – Beaches]
12326 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles

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