Iguanas Ranas makes a great taco, especially when the owner lets his imagination do the cooking, says RoachCoach. Like the jalapeno taco: a large pepper (spicy-making seeds removed) stuffed with carne asada and raisins, then grilled and wrapped in excellent yellow corn tortillas he brings from Mexico. Salsas are also original blends of fruit and chile, like strawberry-habanero or mango-serrano.

Taco hunter Bandini stumbled across a taco table in a Palms market parking lot, a rare sight on the Westside. There’s no menu, just stacks of grilled meat. Pick a kind and the taco lady will scoop the meat into a tortilla and top it with onions, cilantro and a super-tasty red tomatillo salsa. Grilled jalapenos and onions–fab with carne asada–available on request.

The table is definitely operational on weekends, but we’re not sure about weekdays. Tacos are $1 each.

Iguanas Ranas [Inland of LA]
15485 E. Valley Blvd., City of Industry

Taco table [Culver City-ish]
in parking lot of Palms Super Market
3568 Motor Ave., at Palms, Los Angeles

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