A revived thread from 2009 asks about restaurants serving edible insects. The original poster was familiar with Chinese insect specialties, yet many recent recommendations have roots in Latin American culture.

happelsauce points to Don Bugito, an “edible insect street food project” that appears at Off the Grid in Fort Mason and serves dishes inspired by pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine.

At Restaurante Monte Alban, a Oaxacan restaurant in San Jose, chapulines, or Mexican grasshoppers, appear on the menu. And recently Atomica caught a televised segment on the crickets served at Mezcal, another Oaxacan spot in San Jose. zippo linked to a story about beondegi, a Korean vegetable soup with boiled silkworms served at Dan Sung Sa in Oakland.

Of the recent suggestions, all seem to be places that our reporters have heard about but not explored. Who out there is eating insects, and where? Surely we have some intrepid eaters on the board.

Don Bugito [Mobile]
See website for cart locations

Monte Alban [South Bay]
960 S. First Street, San Jose

Mezcal [South Bay]
25 W. San Fernando Street, San Jose

Dan Sung Sa [East Bay]
2775 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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