Fusion versions of familiar foods are a common sight—Korean burritos, anyone? Yet Doggy-Style Hotdogs in Alameda runs with it, producing not one but four hot dogs with traditionally Asian ingredients.

“It’s good to see them embrace a good idea rather than toy with a single item on the menu,” says hyperbowler, who stopped by recently and tried the Umai and Doggyzilla dogs. Of the two, the Umai, a beef dog with Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, pickled radish, and seaweed, was most successful, while the Doggyzilla, with Asian slaw and wasabi mayo, wasn’t greater than the sum of its parts.

In that vein, drewskiSF says Dojo Dog, a cart on Telegraph, takes more care with the layering and placement of ingredients, which results in a better overall taste experience. The topping overload at Doggy-Style means that you may get a bite of all one ingredient instead of layers of flavor and texture that complement each other.

Doggy-Style Hotdogs [East Bay]
1234 Park Street, Alameda

Dojo Dog [East Bay]
Bancroft Way at Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley
No phone available

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