Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"What I like to do is saute zucchini with a little onion, garlic, chile, parsley, and [salt and pepper] until soft. Then hit it with a stick blender or something to puree it. It can be used for pasta sauce or slathered on bread for a nice snack. It keeps pretty well too." - Novelli

"Try Nick Malgieri's method for blueberry pie filling, which I have also used most successfully with sour cherry pie. I would use it for any berry, it works so well. Take about 1 cup of the fruit and all of the sugar you will use in the filling, and cook, stirring. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of cornstarch in some of the juice that the fruit has released, and then add that back to the berries that are in the pot. Cook until the cornstarch becomes clear and the juices are very thick. Add this to the rest of the fruit, put into your pie shell, and bake as usual. The pie will set up perfectly and cut [into] lovely slices." - roxlet on thickening fruit pie filling

"I like to render it in a hot coated cast iron. While it's rendering, chop a large red pepper, an onion and some garlic. Throw in the veggies and let them soften for a few minutes. Add in a can of diced tomatoes and stir, seasoning with salt, pepper, smoked paprika, maybe cayenne if you like spicy. Then add a large can of chickpeas and let everything stew together. Top with a poached egg and serve with crusty bread for a hearty breakfast or a fantastic dinner." - katecm on how to prepare Mexican chorizo sausage

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