Buying Ovaltine won’t get you a secret decoder ring anymore, but it’s an old favorite for many, who still drink it and prepare it for their kids. It has a malty flavor and some added vitamins, and no fat or cholesterol. Chocolatetartguy describes it as a wholesome-tasting hot chocolate. The granules dissolve nicely when stirred into hot or cold milk. Try adding a few spoonfuls to a cup of hot coffee. (Some folks drink it as a coffee substitute.)

Will Owen says that Asian markets have Ovaltine that’s less sweet and more malty than the formula sold in most supermarkets. Here’s his favorite cold breakfast: “Break up a banana into a tall glass, then pour in milk to within an inch of the top. Dump this into a blender along with two or three heaping tablespoons of Ovaltine and blend it to a froth.”


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