Lovers of Taiwanese food, who don’t have a lot of good local options, just got one more. scoopG says 101 Taiwanese Cuisine in downtown Flushing, open since November, belongs in the conversation with Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet, a strong Chowhound favorite a mile or so south.

The runaway favorite of his two dinners here was whole fresh cod with putz (the fruit of a tree native to Taiwan and other Asian locales). Simply steamed in soy, ginger, and garlic and topped with scallions and putz, it was “perfection on a plate,” scoop says—a splurge at $59, but well worth it. Other winners included intensely flavored pork intestine with chiles; perfectly cooked buffalo fish tails in slightly sweet brown sauce; shrimp and bitter melon in black bean sauce, offering a pleasing contrast between the tender seafood and the crunchy melon; and Suzhou-style “smoked” fish, which is not actually smoked but marinated in soy, sugar, rice wine, five-spice mix, and sesame oil, then fried and served cold.

Among the Taiwanese standards, 101 does well by minced pork over rice; three-cup chicken, cooked slowly with soy, rice wine, and sesame oil; and stinky tofu, “pungent but not quite what I remember wafting from the streets of Taipei!” scoopG says. “While perhaps not as ambitious as Main Street Imperial, 101 Taiwanese is still a stout companion,” he adds. “Closer to the 7 and LIRR as well.”

101 Taiwanese Cuisine [Flushing]
135-11 40th Road (between Prince and Main streets), Flushing, Queens

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