best gourmet Easter candy for grown-ups
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Looking to fill a grown-up Easter basket? This high-end Easter candy is fantastic.

Quick, name your earliest memory of Easter. Probably it involves the “grape” flavor of purple jelly beans, peeling pastel-colored foil off chocolate eggs, or biting the ears from a hollow molded rabbit. But for all the nostalgia, the candy most of us scarfed down was sugary and low-grade, with fruit flavors that originated in the lab, not the Easter Bunny’s organic berry patch. Let’s not even mention the waxy texture of that “chocolate.” Now that you no longer believe in a six-foot rabbit who drops off baskets, though, you’re free to gather your own treats, ones that actually taste good (and look cool, too).

We still wouldn’t say no to a Reese’s egg or a Lindt chocolate bunny, but this Easter candy is way too good—and too rich—to give the kids.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are always better when they’re edible, and chocolate ones definitely take the lead over hard boiled and dyed.

L.A. Burdick Crispy Eggs, $6 each at L.A Burdick Chocolate

L. A. Burdick crispy chocolate eggs

L. A. Burdick

With centers like pear-cranberry and orange-pistachio, these eggs include what the confectioner calls a “secret crunch.” The only surprise you get from a Hershey’s mini chocolate egg is that painful jolt when a bit of the foil wrapper hits your fillings.Buy Now

Hedonist Farm Egg Truffles, 3 for $12

Hedonist Chocolate gourmet truffle Easter eggs

Hedonist Chocolate

Speckled just like real birds’ eggs, this classy trio has fillings—coconut-lime, peanut butter, and salted caramel—that would horrify a nesting wren. Humans, however, are likely to find them delightful.Buy Now

Knipschildt Pastel Easter Egg Truffles, $39.95 at Williams Sonoma

Knipschildt Pastel Easter Egg Truffles

Williams Sonoma

If you want more, here’s an entire carton of adorable pastel eggs crafted from single origin chocolate; the pink ones are filled with pure dark chocolate ganache, the yellow ones add passion fruit to the equation, and the blue ones are white chocolate with coconut ganache. Buy Now

German Chocolate Egg Truffles, $8.97 at Williams Sonoma (normally $14.95)

Williams Sonoma German Chocolate Egg Truffles

Williams Sonoma

And if you prefer the crisp candy shell of Cadbury’s pastel eggs, these have it (plus a precious speckled appearance), but the rich chocolate truffle filling is a big step up.Buy Now

Maggie Louise Confections 6-Piece Brilliant Eggs, $34 at Nordstrom

Maggie Louise Confections Brilliant Eggs 6-Piece


For those who find pastels too muted, these vibrant eggs look good enough not to eat—but that would be a shame, because these white chocolate treats have fillings like espresso cream and cacao nibs; salted caramel; and hazelnut mocha crunch.Buy Now

Neuhaus 27-Piece Chocolate Praline Eggs, $37 at Macy’s

Neuhaus 27-Piece Chocolate Praline Eggs


Who needs a carton when you can have a whole canister? These foil-wrapped chocolate eggs combine creamy and crunchy in assorted flavors including dark chocolate almond hazelnut, milk chocolate caramel salt, and white gianduja (chocolate-hazelnut) puffed rice.Buy Now

Chocolate Bunnies

What’s an Easter basket without one?

Bridgewater Chubby Bunny, $49.95 at Bridgewater Chocolate

Bridgewater Chocolate chubby Easter bunny

Bridgewater Chocolate

At one and a half pounds, and with a price tag of $50, this nine-inch-tall, semihollow rabbit puts form to the notion of living large. This is how the 1 percent parties down at Easter. (Actually, he’s middle class compared to Mr. Goodtimes down below.)Buy Now

Lake Champlain Chocolates Mr. Goodtimes Easter Bunny, $125 on Amazon — currently out of stock

Lake Champlain Chocolates giant Easter bunny

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Nothing says Easter like a giant 16.5-inch tall bunny made of 3 pounds of organic milk chocolate. Just don’t let the kids see this one or you’ll have to share. Update: This is currently out of stock online, but if you’re truly desperate for a big chocolate bunny that might break the bank, try this jumbo 24-inch tall Li-Lac Chocolate Easter Bunny, handmade in Brooklyn (and $195).Buy Now

Compartes Gourmet Chocolate Panoramic Egg, $59.95 at Compartes

Compartes gourmet chocolate Easter egg


Those rock-hard sugar diorama eggs are fascinating to look at, but not actually meant for eating. This handmade hollow chocolate egg is actually delicious, and a little luster from gold dust is enchanting even for adults.Buy Now

The Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit, $18.50 at Harbor Chocolates

Harbor Sweets Robert Strohecker Assorted Easter Rabbit

Harbor Sweets

A more affordable yet still adult-appropriate dark chocolate bunny, this one has secrets: different sections of it are filled with various confections, including caramel-pecan patties and buttercrunch toffee. Eating it is like the least accurate but most delicious rabbit anatomy lesson ever.Buy Now

Maggie Louise Confections 6-Piece Cottontail Box, $32 at Nordstrom

Maggie Louise Confections Cottontail 6-Piece Box


Some prefer hollow chocolate bunnies, some solid—and some will love these little filled bunnies most of all. There are three milk chocolate rabbits filled with peanut butter candy, two dark chocolate bunnies filled with salted caramel, and one white chocolate cottontail with a strawberry crisp center.Buy Now

Other Edible Emblems of Spring

Chicks, bees, and even…chocolate asparagus? Yep, we’d be glad to find any of these nestled in our Easter grass.

John & Kira’s Caramelized Honey Chocolate Bees, 9 for $39 on Goldbelly

John & Kira's chocolate honey caramel bees

John & Kira’s

Along with the birds’ eggs (and bunnies), these bees are a fitting springtime treat, filled with gooey honey caramel and hand-painted with black and yellow cocoa butter. No sting here, only sweetness.Buy Now

Black Dinah Chocolatiers Chocolate Peanut Butter Frogs, $12.50 on Mouth

Black Dinah Chocolatiers Chocolate Peanut Butter Frogs


Spring into a hoppy Easter with these quirky and delicious dark chocolate frogs. They’re filled with creamy peanut butter and dusted with yellow, green, and purple crocus colors (appropriately enough). Plus, these sweets are vegan.Buy Now

Chocolate Asparagus Bundle, $20.40 at Woodhouse Chocolate

Woodhouse Chocolate chocolate asparagus spears

Woodhouse Chocolate

Feel free to eat these colored, white-chocolate-over-dark spears like Julia Child always said to eat real asparagus: with your fingers. As a bonus, they won’t make your pee smell funny. (If you prefer white asparagus, opt for the milk chocolate version.)Buy Now

Spring Lollipops, $7.77 at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Spring Lollipops

Williams Sonoma

By all means, throw some jelly beans in the basket (as long as they’re Jelly Belly—and not the weird-flavored ones), but these millefiori-inspired, fruity lollipops are clearly a great upgrade.Buy Now

Jacques Torres Hens, $3.49 each at Mr. Chocolate

Jacques Torres chocolate hens

Jacques Torres

Available in milk chocolate or dark, these hollow molded birds are as cute as backyard chickens. But while their real counterparts might annoy your neighbors with their nonstop clucking, these fowl are silent. Even when losing their heads.Buy Now

Wondermade Carrot Cake Marshmallows, $12 at

Wondermade carrot cake marshmallows

These fluffy carrot cake marshmallows may leave you missing the cream cheese frosting (the carrots, cane sugar, nutmeg, and allspice are all accounted for, though)—but they’re a hell of a lot better than Peeps.Buy Now

Jacques Torres Easter Bunny’s Surprise Gift Basket, $89 on Goldbelly

Jacques Torres Easter Bunny’s Surprise

Jacques Torres

Having trouble choosing? This pre-filled Easter basket is chock-full of chocolate eggs, a happy chocolate bunny, a chocolate duck, a chocolate bar embossed with an Easter scene, and chocolate-covered Peeps (they get a pass enrobed in the good stuff).Buy Now

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