Bun mang vit—a Vietnamese soup made with duck, vermicelli noodles, and dried bamboo in a lightly gingery broth—is harder to locate than your standard bowl of chicken or beef pho. Yet in this case, absence has made the heart grow fonder for sfbing, who admits to loving bun mang vit so much that a schlep from San Francisco to San Jose is possible for a divine bowl of duck soup.

bigwheel042 says that sfbing needn’t travel too far from home in San Francisco—Quan Ngon (which also goes by the name Vietnamese Noodle House) on Noriega Street probably sells the soup, or at least they did at their now-shuttered Clement Street location. The reconstituted dried bamboo shoots didn’t please bigwheel042, who found them an acquired taste, but the broths are solid.

Truong Thanh in Milpitas has bun mang vit on its menu, drewskiSF says, though he hasn’t tried it yet.

With a couple leads in hand, sfbing prepares to investigate, and will surely report back with the findings.

Quan Ngon [Outer Sunset]
2511 Noriega Street, San Francisco

Truong Thanh [South Bay]
680 Barber Lane, Milpitas

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