What makes a perfect waffle?

There’s one ingredient in waffle batter that’s essential to achieving crispy golden perfection: fat–preferably melted butter. Many recipes also incorporate beaten egg whites for a light texture.

But the best waffles on earth are yeast raised, says adamclyde: “A yeast-raised waffle is light years better than a baking powder one.” They bake up golden and crisp outside, and so light inside they practically float off your plate. And they’re easier to make than other types, says Karl S, with no involved steps. You do need to plan ahead, as they’re mixed up the night before so the yeast can do its work while you sleep. But you don’t need to do much more than heat the waffle iron in the morning, and you’re good to go.

The most popular recipe for yeast-raised waffles originated in the 1896 Fannie Farmer Cookbook, which has since been revised by Marion Cunningham. Most hounds find this recipe foolproof; all you do in the morning is beat in eggs and baking soda.

As variations, atheorist suggests substituting half whole wheat pastry flour for all purpose flour, saying the flavor is perfect with honey; he also likes to scatter chopped pecans or walnuts on the waffle iron to toast for few seconds before pouring on the batter.

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