Greek Corner in Cambridge offers a full menu of Greek specialties, and many hounds think the roast lamb sandwich is fantastic. It’s made on hot pita bread, and comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber sauce). StriperGuy ordered his with extra tzatziki, and didn’t think there was room for any improvement. It was “just superb,” he says.

Area Man also loves the roast lamb sandwich, and eats it regularly. But LStaff generally finds it too salty. “I usually get the baked lamb dinner when I eat in and the gravy they add helps to squash the salt aspect,” LStaff says. Area Man points out that this baked lamb dish is Greek Corner’s take on stifado, a meat stew that traditionally contains red wine, onions, garlic, and cinnamon.

okra thinks that the pita bread at Greek Corner is amazingly soft and fluffy, whether as part of the roast lamb sandwich or the gyro. “It’ll make you hate that thing you bought in the supermarket,” okra says.

Greek Corner [North Cambridge]
2366 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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