Despite the recent federal crackdown on San Francisco’s medical marijuana dispensaries, the market for pot goodies is going strong. Clubs are working with city officials to create stricter guidelines for marijuana-laced eats. That includes making most edibles on-site in dispensaries on a small scale, passing regular inspections, and toning down packaging. Meanwhile, clubs like The Green Cross, a medical marijuana delivery service housed in a Victorian-era flat in San Francisco, are selling treats with a growing gourmet appeal, from salted caramels to lozenges infused with lemon zest. These photos by CHOW’s Christopher Rochelle offer a peek into how those treats are made.

It all starts with fresh, seasonal produce. In the dispensary’s kitchen, Green Cross president Kevin Reed shows off buds that will be turned into hash oil.

Refrigerated containers of hash oil from different strains of medical marijuana, ready for baking into edibles.

Hash oil gets heated via blowtorch to drip easily into cookie dough. Each bottle contains exactly as many THC doses as there are servings in a recipe. “That avoids 200 doses in a brownie,” Reed says, “so nobody eats it and thinks they’re having a heart attack.”

The name of these cookies was changed from Blueberry Craze to the more prosaic Blueberry Cookie, so the sweets are less appealing to children.

The Green Cross recently changed its packaging to look more pharmaceutical, scrapping tasty-looking product pictures and making the Green Cross logo more prominent.

The Green Cross produces as many as 50 different edibles at one time, including savory snack mixes, gluten-free and vegan baked goods, and candies. But the best-selling item continues to be that old standby, the marijuana brownie.

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