“Who doesn’t love a restaurant with a daily pork preparation?” asks chez cherie. On a recent visit to Ración, a new tapas restaurant in Pasadena, the pork dish of the day was cochinillo: pork riblets “in a glorious sticky gingery, juniper-y, sweet-savory glaze. Yes, we licked our fingers,” chez cherie says.

chez cherie thinks the tapas at Ración range from excellent to truly stunning. Conserva is a lovely presentation: a slate square with jamón, duck prosciutto, and an amazing liver and tangerine terrine. Roasted vegetables are served with a delicious romesco sauce. But the best sauce of all comes with the smoked cauliflower steak—it’s something like a white gazpacho, with garlic, almonds, and sherry vinegar. “I had to be restrained from tipping the dregs from the bowl into my mouth,” chez cherie says.

The best dessert option? Chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream and Pedro Ximénez sorbetto. “Simple, but gorgeous presentation, and wow-factor flavors,” chez cherie says.

“Having recently led a culinary tour of Andalucia, I was in heaven with each bite of jamón, albondigas, and croquetta!” says chez cherie. “This is some seriously good food—the least successful dish we had was still something I would happily eat again!”

Ración [San Gabriel Valley]
119 W. Green Street, Pasadena

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