What’s your dream job? Making $10K to drink wine for six months in California? How about moving to Australia for a year to snorkel and do status updates on Facebook?

What about getting paid to eat Creeper Crispies and then seeing if you’re able to leave the couch?

An alt-weekly publication in San Francisco put out a casting call last week to find a reviewer of pot edibles. “Have you become a connoisseur of magic brownies?” asked the post on SFoodie, SF Weekly’s food blog. “Do you have strong opinions on whether indica or sativa makes for a refined caramel? The Bay Area is home to an astonishing array of legal, artisan pot edibles, and we’re interested in finding someone who can help other readers discern the delicious from the merely doped up.”

SFoodie sounds pretty chill about frequency—you can file a review every week or two. Of course you’ll need a valid California medical marijuana card to legally score that bottle of Purple Urkle grape soda. And hey, if you’re holding down a day job, you can even use a fake name. (For details on applying, look here.)

Marijuana criticism is still in its infancy, despite the explosion of the medical cannabis industry in states like California and Colorado. William Breathes is one of the country’s first paid marijuana critics—he writes for Denver’s Westword. An editor for the publication told a reporter that Breathes was a good choice in part because, unlike a lot of other applicants, “he could spell.” Stoners applying for the edibles-reviewer gig at SFoodie might want to take note.

Photo: Cannabis edibles at San Francisco’s Green Cross by Christopher Rochelle / CHOW.com

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