Adding a touch of special vinegar to a meal is a great way to add complexity, but with the variety of products on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy. Noble Tonic 04, which is distributed by Mikuni Wild Harvest, is a white wine vinegar infused with Egyptian heirloom lemon peel, and ipsedixit recently gave it a try. “I could consume mustard on mustard,” she says. “And, have. So when a chef friend of mine turned me onto Noble Tonic No. 4 vinegar and described it as ‘what God would drink to wash down a spoonful of Castor oil’ … you could say I was intrigued.”

The chef friend was right in many ways, says ipsedixit. “This isn’t a pungent vinegar like Balsamic, nor floral like Champagne, but something all unto itself,” she says. “It’s elemental and complex enough to pair with just about anything. In fact, it’s complex enough to drink on its own. And, of late, I’ve been consuming it straight from a shot glass. So much so that my bottle of Talisker 15 [single-malt Scotch] is getting awfully lonely.”

The Noble brand includes three types of specialty vinegar, and also boasts two types of maple syrup. LNG212 has been enjoying Noble Tonic 01, maple syrup matured in bourbon barrels, and finds it “amazingly delicious.”

Discuss: Noble Tonic No. 4 Vinegar … so good you can drink it out of a shot glass. And should.

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