The Pasadena lunch scene is improving, thanks to a growing number of casual restaurants. The latest arrival is Abricott, which is impressing Los Angeles hounds with its Vietnamese-influenced fare. “The decor is sweet and whimsical,” Chowpatty says. “[It has] a nicely-decorated private room in the back, a cozy nook where a couple can share a couch, and a roomy patio.”

The yellow vegetarian curry is creamy and not too spicy, with big chunks of potato and carrot and bits of mushroom and green beans, says Will Owen. There’s a pleasant, faint aftertaste of fish sauce. Will Owen suggests adding in some thick yogurt, which will transform the dish “from merely delicious to gorgeous.”

The pork belly banh mi is nontraditional (a new trend?): It comes on a soft roll (much like a Philly cheesesteak) instead of the usual baguette, and the pork belly is shaved thin and aggressively seasoned with a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce.

Other highlights include a Chinese almond salad, which Will Owen compares to a fresh kimchee slaw, and a trout papaya salad, which Chowpatty describes as flavorful and good, if not mind-blowing.

Will Owen reports that the kitchen is still figuring out the menu, and that the owner seems to be very focused on the food. “They are still working out the kinks,” says Harrison71. “But it is a nice environ, [and] the food is mostly good and reasonably priced.”

Abricott [San Gabriel Valley]
238 S. Lake Street, Pasadena

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