Overheard on the New York Boards

"It is a dish that's supposed to warm you up from the inside out. Their version of it comes to the table heated with the flame underneath. Instead of pig tripe, though, it's pig intestine, tender but still has good texture, with slices of blood cake that look like dark burgundy-colored tofu slices. It's not for everyone, but if you like offal this is a good version." – HLing on pig tripe blood cake with sauce at Famous Sichuan

"The marrow bone is about 7", split lengthwise. The tongue was meltingly tender, its richness amplified by the luxurious marrow, which was charred at points on the bone, rendering it crispy. It also comes with a ramekin filled with a nice, creamy bean paste. It was absolutely frickin' delicious, and a welcome addition to the menu." – howdini on Hecho en Dumbo's tacos de Tuétano with roasted bone marrow and caramelized Wagyu beef tongue, served with tomato, avocado, and sweet sherry salsa

"Replacing the traditional sorbet course given 'our pastry chef’s new fascination with root beer floats,' this dish would prove to be by far the most complex of the sweets with a progression of flavors, textures, and temperatures from top to bottom—cold/bracing/crunchy, moderate/sour/creamy, warm/sweet/supple—each good on their own, but when taken together a gorgeous parfait with the compressed dragon fruit as its star." – uhockey on blue gin with dragon fruit, Greek yogurt sorbet, and violet gin granité, part of the extended tasting menu at Per Se

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