Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"Soak them, but don't cook them. Whir them in a food processor with some of the reserved [soaking] water. Mix in chopped kimchi, scallions, ground pork, sriracha, an egg and sesame oil. Form into fritters and pan fry. It's great! They simply become the binder." - katecm on what to do with dried split peas

"We regularly buy the ends of prosciutto at a discount and use them to flavor all sorts of dishes, usually frying the cubes or sprinkling them on top of a dish that will bake in the oven. All kinds of pasta dishes—tomatoes with herbs, creamy with cheese, bitter greens and olives. Also great on top of pizzas, especially [with] caramelized onions or bitter greens—as well as scalloped and au gratin potatoes. All in all, a great way to add flavor to dishes without using a lot of meat. (And yes, it freezes perfectly.)" - escondido123

"Last night I made an impromptu vegetable lasagna using a quart of leftover curried squash soup and about the same of potato leek soup from the freezer, which I was subbing for béchamel. When I got to the topping, I was out of soups so tried covering tightly and baking with just grated cheese on top, figuring the liquid underneath would soften the no-boil noodles. Halfway through I could see my theory wasn't flawless, so in desperation I poured a bunch of buttermilk over it all. I am now going to write this recipe down, it is good enough to make again." - coll

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